• Megan Aronson

Live-Edge Kitchen Island Project

We were lucky enough to work with a sincerely AMAZING couple to give their kitchen an update in function and form. Out with the old island - which only had enough seating for 4 - and in with this gorgeous new walnut live-edge table that seats 10! Built at bar-height, this piece is not only a showstopper, but also ideal for entertaining. The kitchen is literally in the heart of the home, and we can just see everyone gathered around the table for quality time catching up and good eats!

Many people we meet ask what "live-edge" means. I had forgotten how foreign that concept was to me before Clay started getting really serious about salvaging urban trees. A quick recap: live-edge refers to the silhouette of the tree. For most table projects, the rough bark is smoothed away and what's left is the undulating shape of the tree - giving the table a beautiful, natural look. For this project Clay actually used a hybrid of urban reclaimed walnut and walnut from our commercial supplier. The live-edges and the stools were crafted from an old walnut tree that had been struck by lightning several times and finally came down about ten years ago near Waukee. Clay milled the tree on his sawmill, and the lumber has been air drying for a decade - just waiting for the perfect project to come along!

This is my favorite shot of the table. Clay created a custom finish called Mink for the project. The subtle softening of each edge on the table and the stools give it almost a time-worn look that will be super comfortable to stand or sit at.

You can really see the deep richness of our Mink finish here - I love that it has several topcoats of matte varnish instead of a high-gloss - it compliments the dark stain perfectly.

Logan helped with the install - and he approves!

Here's a great view of the table without the stools - I love how this piece adds an almost modern rustic element - mixing up the more traditional style of the surrounding cabinets. Custom base trim was made to give the table a finished look.

Part of our process includes 3-D renderings for almost every custom project - this sketch shows the hidden bowties in the tabletop! They did not photograph well - but will be a fun party game to try and find them - they are hidden in the top, and a few of the stools.

This ghost view shows all ten stools nesting under the table - no toe stubbers allowed! The design of the stools was streamlined for the client who wisely suggested they don't flare out at the bottom (and reach out and grab someone's toe as they walk by - this is me on a daily basis - good call).

One last shot - it was a blast to work on this very cool project - and a privilege to work with these super amazing clients - enjoy your beautiful, entertaining-friendly, new island table!

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