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Old and New

As I spent the last hour and a half organizing pictures on the computer I came across pictures of this buffet that I never posted pictures of it completed. I know I posted some while I was working on it, so those of you that were wondering what the heck happened to it, here are some pictures of it in its new home. Thanks for the pics Doug and Kathy!!

And then here are some pictures of the last project to leave the shop. Did a couple more of our waterfall box tables. Every time I make one of our “signature” pieces, I learn something new. In this case the client helped me improve the design by requesting rounded corners, so his kids were less likely to hurt themselves on the sharp 90 degree corners. We did a sample, and I thought it was a much better look than what we were doing previously. Not only did it soften the corners, but I think it helps enunciate the grain wrapping around the waterfall joint. I have always had the corners of the bases left the brighter polished look after the welds are ground and sanded for a more industrial look. With these tables we played around with ways of getting the natural mill scale look throughout the entire base. We ended up going with a metallic looking powder coat for the consistent color in the base.

We also played around with the Spanish Dove finish a little bit to get a lighter grey color. Below you can see the original darker Spanish dove finish, and the left shows the lighter version we used on these tables. I also threw a picture of assembly in there for those of you that are curious about the construction of these tables.

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