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Small Natural Accessories

We started doing some smaller items on the mill last fall, that are fun and really cool. The wall mirrors are my favorite. Made out of a hollow maple, (no shortage of those around here) and a piece of mirror that I have salvaged from remodel projects over the years. Two pieces of “trash” that go together to make these awesome mirrors.

Then there are the slabs, or chargers, might be the more appropriate term. I had a customer that needed something to set her hand made Santa’s on during the holidays and this is what we came up with. It is also a good way to use up some short sections of logs from the yard, like those odd shaped ones on the right. I made those out of some scraps from the Willow log I had. I don’t know what else I would have done with that log, but it would have been a shame to let it go to waste. I know some of these are now center pieces on the middle of tables, which is better than rotting away behind my shop. The aromatic cedar ones (the red ones) are very popular also, I think you can see why in this picture. They really pop and make a statement anywhere you put them.

These hollow tables are another thing I’ve been playing around with. Good for a small coffee table or an end table. These hollow maples can be really cool, when they are not falling on your house.

Currently we are still spending a lot of time milling, refilling our stockpile of goodies for future projects, and also working on a built-in dresser we hope to install soon.

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