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Out of Hibernation

Finally got back online to Blog again, and I couldn’t believe that my last post was back in November…Ooops. One thing I started way back in November was a bit of last minute milling before winter set in. I got through one walnut log, and then I put this beast on the mill. My friend brought me two of these giant red oak logs down, so I could make him a bar top. I got one cut into this one before…or a little after the sun went down, and then winter happened. So all winter long I have been waiting to get back to cutting the biggest log I have ever had on the mill.

This week I did just that.

So a couple of these 3″ slabs will be a bar top, but the fate of the rest of it is yet to be decided. Most of these slabs are 22-24″ wide, and I cut them all thick, most likely for some table tops.

Here is the fresh cut oak stacked next to the walnut log that I did get done before the freeze. I also cut up some Ash logs (my favorite) this week, and just got started on my Grandmas Silver Poplar tree that held the tire swing that we use to swing on as kids. She had to take it down last fall, so now we will have to find another way the grand kids can enjoy it.

Well, this should get my blog rolling again, I will be posting more milling pictures, and share some of the stuff we did over the winter too. I’m definitely not going to get all of the last 6 months in one post.

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