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Where were we?

But they are all coming together nicely and I believe after tomorrow, I will be able to take some final pictures to show you in the next blog. Along with this fence we have had a few other projects going on. We have been working with K.Renee Home on a very nice remodel that I will let Julie’s blog wrap up for you. She is a much more talented blogger than I.

We are a few months into this project, I should have linked this a long time ago. It is an awesome blog so check it out. Julie and the K.Renee Crew are absolutely great to work with.

Here are a couple of our built in projects at Julie’s. There are just a few final touches to be done there and it will be complete, so keep checking into the K.Renee Blog to keep updated on that one.

Got a door refinished, and also have a lot of cool natural log type pieces that will be ready to share with you soon as well. Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Now that I reminded myself how to log back into this blog, I’ll try to stay back on the horse. Cheers

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